Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Department of Sociology and Anthropology


Department of Sociology and Anthropology has a longstanding history of academy and leadership in the disciplines, which was established in 1964 together with the Faculty of Social Sciences and Chiang Mai University, and officially offered Bachelor’s degree program in Sociology and Anthropology on June 18, 1964. Throughout the past five decades, the Department has continuously been developing areas of academic disciplines, whether teaching in emerging theoretical interests and area studies, or conducting high value research in social and cultural issues to embrace both academy and society. The Department has been recognized as “Chiang Mai School” highlighted as the so-called “Land-Water-Forest” studies, meaning of our main research focus on natural resource management, marginalization and community rights, and consistently support the people movement for rights and justice those caused by several development projects.

Currently, the Department has 19 university professors graduated from international and Thai doctoral and master degree programs which includes several outstanding scholars in Thai academic society; for example, Prof. Anan Ganjanapan, Prof. Yos Santasombat. The Department presently operates courses for Bachelor and Master’s degree in Sociology and Anthropology, and we also offer courses for Doctorate degree in track of Sociology and Anthropology, an academic track among other tracks which is coordinated under the four Departments and the Faculty. The promising direction for curriculum, teaching and research has been developed and adapted interrelatedly to the contemporary Thai society and to Southeast Asian and global contexts which reflects in our research and academic specialty classified in four research groups; 1.) Development Research and Social Policy 2.) Border Studies 3.) Transnationalism and Mobility 4.) Cultural Studies and Contemporary Society. Our alumni graduated from the Department have found opportunities in government, private sector, NGO, international organization, multinational business company and/or continue further study in related fields such as sociology, social administrator, forensic science, social development or political science. We have more than 100 students graduated from master and doctoral program since 1990. Many have worked as university professor, researcher, specialist, project coordinator or employed in private and government sectors. Some are continuing further studying.


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Master of Arts Program in Sociology and Anthropology

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